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Publications Overview

Here you will find my scientific, peer-reviewed research publications. For more on these projects, please see 'Research' page. 

For my writing for general audiences, including newspaper, op-ed, and data journalism publications, please see 'Writing' page.

First-author papers

 Native bee ( Andrena  sp.) foraging on a moldy, nonflowering  Adenostoma fasciculatum  shrub. (Photo credit: Paul G. Johnson).

Native bee (Andrena sp.) foraging on a moldy, nonflowering Adenostoma fasciculatum shrub. (Photo credit: Paul G. Johnson).

Bees without Flowers: Before Peak Bloom, Diverse Native Bees Find Insect-Produced Honeydew Sugars. August 2017, The American Naturalist.

Joan M. Meiners, Terry L. Griswold, David J. Harris, and S. K. Morgan Ernest

In this publication, we become the first to document insect honeydew use across an entire community of native bees, and the first to suggest that it may be the result of a previously-unrecognized interspecific foraging network, or the use of opportunistic eavesdropping cues, by solitary bees to find novel sugar sources when floral resources are limited.

Co-authored papers

Competition and coexistence in plant communities: intraspecific competition is stronger than interspecific competition. June 2018, Ecology Letters.

Peter Adler, Danielle Smull, Karen Beard, Ryan Choi, Tucker Furniss, Andrew Kulmatiski, Joan Meiners, Andrew Tredennick, Kari Veblen
 Prairie flowers, Wikimedia Commons

Prairie flowers, Wikimedia Commons

comparison of large-scale citizen science data and long-term study data for phenology modeling. In review.

Shawn D. Taylor, Joan M. Meiners, Kristina Riemer, Michael C. Orr, Ethan P. White

 Budburst, Wikimedia Commons

Budburst, Wikimedia Commons

The portal project: a long-term study of a chihuahuan desert ecosystem. biorxiv (permanent preprint, "living data" paper, updated regularly with new data)

S.K. Morgan Ernest, Glenda M. Yenni, .... Joan Meiners, .... (many authors) ..., Diane Davidson, James H. Brown, Thomas J. Valone

 Kangaroo rat ( Dipodomys merriami ) hanging out on our datasheets

Kangaroo rat (Dipodomys merriami) hanging out on our datasheets

Data & Code

Data & Code on Github

All data and code used for any of my first-author papers or data journalism projects is publicly-available and annotated in curated repositories on GitHub and/or Zenodo. My PhD advisers, Dr. Morgan Ernest and Ethan White, are committed to making science open-access and reproducible. Following their lead, I have made an effort to extend this mission to my work in data journalism.